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REPORT: $517 Million in Economic Impact

Community solar can power a thriving economy and bring more high-quality jobs to New Mexico. Read the University of New Mexico Study.

Community Solar Works for New Mexicans

Bring the benefits of local clean energy to all in New Mexico. Share this flyer to spread the word and support community solar legislation.

Tribes & Pueblos: Renewable Energy Leaders

 Community solar legislation positions Tribes as the leaders in renewable energy, while providing economic development.


WEBINAR: Community Solar Opportunity for Tribal Nations


Governor John Antonio Sr., Pueblo of Laguna shares his support for community solar legislation and speaks to the importance of mindful placement of renewable energy projects that serve energy needs, reduce costs, protect the environment, and maintain the integrity of traditional Pueblo and Tribal communities.


Bernadette Cuthair, Director of Planning and Development, Ute Mountain Ute Tribe, is known as a champion for renewable energy for Native communities, and helped to bring a community solar project to her Tribe in the high desert of Colorado. She shares a Tribal elder's reflections on the power of solar technology. 

About the SOLution New Mexico Coalition

SOLution New Mexico aims to help increase access to solar energy to all New Mexicans and rebuild New Mexico’s economy and rural communities with clean, locally produced community solar. The coalition is made up of a diverse group representing local industry, agriculture, clean energy advocates, and leaders from Tribes and Pueblos who are calling on New Mexico legislators to pass community solar legislation that would use private investment to increase access to solar energy and boost New Mexico’s economy.

Contact: Mayane Barudin, Interior West Manager & Tribal Liason, Vote Solar at

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