YES! I want solar for ALL for New Mexico

Thank you for speaking out for community solar! Act now to call the Roundhouse and tell your House representative that you want solar for ALL in New Mexico.

SB 84 The Community Solar Act was crafted by over 90 stakeholders in building a healthy, regenerative New Mexico, in close consultation with Tribes & Pueblos. This is our moment.

Your voice will make a difference! Make the call:

1. Take a moment to think about why YOU want everyone in New Mexico to be a part of our transition to just and equitable clean energy.

2. Fill out the form below with your cell phone number, check the script and click CALL ME. Your cell will ring and when you pick up, you’ll be patched through directly to your Representative’s office in the New Mexico House.

Your Call Script

You can read right from this script, or use it as talking points to help you make a quick call:

  • Hello, my name is [YOUR NAME] and I’m from [YOUR CITY AND ZIP CODE]. I’m calling on my Representative to vote YES on Senate Bill 84, the Community Solar Act.
  • Right now, many New Mexicans are left out of the clean energy transition. I want everyone in New Mexico to benefit from clean energy and solar savings.
  • [Share why YOU want commuity solar for New Mexico!]
  • SB84 will ensure that all New Mexicans can benefit from affordable clean energy, and power a thriving clean economy with thousands of jobs.
  • SB84 will also place all Tribes and Pueblos on a level playing field to lead on renewable energy.
  • Thank you and please vote YES on Senate BIll 84.

(Need a refresher? Watch short videos on why community solar is the SOLution for New Mexico. Then come back here when you’re ready to make the call. We’ll be here 🙂